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As the Sun Was Setting

I was walking by the river at the end of the day. The Sun was setting. The sky was so beautiful. There are no words to describe what it looked like or how I felt. There was no admission fee to pay for this extraordinary sight. It was for all who happened to be passing […]

This is all

This is all I am today, I hope more than yesterday, maybe less than tomorrow. This is all I am. I cannot waste this day, wishing, I was more than I am or have more than I have. This is all I am today. I will work with what I have today and build on […]

Open Your Heart

Open your hands, and let it go, stop clenching your hands so tight. Open your heart and release your fear. I see in your face your fear and sorrow, clinching tighter and closing your heart will only bring you more sorrows and heart aches. Open your eyes and look around you, see all that beauty […]

Just for little while

Lord, I know better yet, my heart is heavy and I feel so weary. Lift this heavy feeling and this sorrow from me. I know in the end, this is not all that important, and this will pass, this shall pass. But for now, I just want to rest my weary soul and tell my […]

As I Wake Each Morning

As I wake each morning, this is my prayer for the day. May I live this day Lord, fully conscience of my entire task in hand, and all who comes my way. May I not waste one moment of this day, with unkind thoughts or words that would not be helpful to anyone. May I […]

 Amazing Grace

My life is and has been an amazing grace.  I did not always feel that way. It has taken a long time for me to get here, and to feel the way I do. I had to learn and grow inside and out, and I needed the time and distance from my beginning, to give […]

In The Name of Love

You told me you loved me, so I believed you. You told yourself you loved me, so you believed yourself. I convinced my self you loved me too. We played this life of destruction, without even realizing it. As the fog lifted, I realized this wasn’t love , this is called controlling. We played the […]

Let All Things Flow Over You

I am trying to stop the struggles in my mind, and in my heart. I realize the more I struggle, the more I suffer. The characters in my story change. The scenery changes, but still I struggle with the same issues, over and over. I think it is different, but it is actually the same […]

What do you know about the health benefits of Copper?

Copper, Copper, Copper ! What does copper do for you? That is the question I began to ask myself about a year ago? I knew nothing about the benefits of copper, nor did I give the subject much thought until recently. About a year go I was listening to Sadhguru on YouTube.The subject was water, […]

Thoughts on Climate Change for the New Year

Today is the last day of 2018, and I have been reflecting on the past 365 days. I have been wondering what have I done with my time, both personally and collectively? This has been an interesting year, to say the least. It seems like so much has, and is happening in this country, as […]