What do you know about the health benefits of Copper?

Copper, Copper, Copper ! What does copper do for you?

That is the question I began to ask myself about a year ago? I knew nothing about the benefits of copper, nor did I give the subject much thought until recently. About a year go I was listening to Sadhguru on YouTube.The subject was water, the history of water, and the mystery of water. It was About how little we really know about water other than that there can be no life on this planet without water. That water itself is life. Sadhguru also talked about the health benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel. He said if you let the water sit in a copper vessel overnight the water will become purified. I was so intrigued by what he had to say that I ordered a set of copper cups and a copper water Pitcher for our home. I wanted see for myself if these benefits were true. I wanted to learn more about the subject and wanted to examine if there was any scientific evidence and what kind of research was out there regarding the benefits of copper. Or was this just an old wives tale, or an old mystic talking ?

The First place I went for information was a Google search. Of course there were many articles, some of which were fascinating. I also read an article in a health magazine, “Nature Awakenings”,* and also one in “Science Daily”. Essentially, they all said same thing. The list was impressive, Scientists have found a quick way to kill a virus with the touch of copper. Independent studies have shown that copper is “antimicrobial”. Copper kills microbes and other bacteria. There are other benefits such as purifying water. The article also mentions that Scientists say the high conductivity of copper disrupts the electrical balance in a microbe cell, destroying it in seconds. Tests by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show germs die quickly on copper. Some hospitals have tried copper on surfaces like faucets and doorknobs.This has cut the spread of MRSA and other illnesses dramatically, by over one half, has and saved lives.

Like I have said there is much information out there to be taken in. My personal experience so far is this, last summer my husband and I were traveling for three months, we were in Massachusetts in a little town called Humarock. This is the town we used to liven. Now we visit this area in the summer. Some time in late August my husband Michael caught a summer cold. he had a lingering cough. We did not gave it much thought. We figured it would go away soon. In fact it lingered on. I left for a trip to Korea and Japan for two weeks, In September, when I came back I assumed he would have recovered. His cough however was worse than ever. The cough kept on, until about the middle of October when he was finally recovered. No, he did not go to a doctor, he kept saying I think I am getting better, so we treated him with natural remedies that are what we do most of the time when we are not feeling well. This time however it took much longer. Sometime later, it occurred to me, I did not catch his cold, which was odd because whenever he gets sick, I get sick. It seems odd that did I not catch his cold.

I found it very peculiar. I kept thinking, and going over and over, trying to figure out what did I differently he did.

At that time we did not have a copper pitcher with us so we were not drinking water from a copper cup. Then it occurred to me one of the consistent things I was doing was wearing a copper bracelet and a copper ring at all times. It was something I did not change, that was the only thing I was doing differently, than I had done before.I had been wearing a copper ring and copper bracelet since the month of May. I had never gone a day without it. For me at this point, I can’t find any other explanation for my resistance other than the copper.

I am enthusiastic about the copper, so I gave copper bracelets out for Christmas present to all my Yoga students and more. Since then I have been developing ways to make copper more accessible to everyday use where people touch things.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about the subject, the easiest place to begin is a Google search. There are many sources of information about copper online. It is important to use your due diligence and determine your own conclusions following your research. However, I feel the amazing possibilities could help you in your daily life.

Mi Sun.

* “Natural Awakenings”, (September & November issues 2018)

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    • Mi Sun
      Mi Sun says:

      Hi Mauricio, I find writing a short article is more difficult than writing a long story. Write about what you know. Where you live, what your life was like. It will ring true and you’ll feel comfortable. Good luck, don’t stop writing.


      Mi Sun


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