12 Lessons on Love and Life Workshop

Hello Everyone! 🤗 I have great news today! 🎉…

I will be resuming the 6 weeks workshop that I started in 2020: 12 Lessons on Love and Life. Starting Feb 11th.

A continuing once-a-week (6 weeks) workshop that offers the opportunity to delve into 12 profound lessons and questions of this life that we participate in. Becoming an active presence in one’s own life and finding the meaning and worth in the act of being alive.

Last year the workshop was extremely successful. In this video can watch the testimonials from some participants who had the opportunity to be part of this life-transforming experience ⬇️

In order for the class to be the most effective, it needs to be small. That’s why each class will be limited to 10 people. This allows every participant to receive the maximum benefits.

If the timing of this workshop presents a problem, let us know. We will be scheduling future classes and will keep you posted.

To sign-up for the workshop just click the button below ⬇️

Looking forward to seeing you,

Namaste 🙏
Mi Sun 🕉

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