Every Moment of life

Every Moment of life is sacred,
Every breath we take is a gift.
Yet most of us fritter way our
Time as though we had an unlimited supply until it is too late.

Don’t waste your life with
regrets. Know that the time you have is precious gift. It was given only to you.
Live and Love your life now, not someday.
There is no certainty in life.
The only certainty we have is this moment .

I was walking by the river at the end of the day.

The Sun was setting.

The sky was so beautiful.

There are no words to describe what it looked like or how I felt.

There was no admission fee to pay for this extraordinary sight.

It was for all who happened to be passing by at that moment in time.

The golden light was shimmering on the river.

That was the moment I let go of all things.

I immersed myself in God’s grace and I filled my soul with his amazing grace.

Mi Sun



This is all I am today, I hope more than yesterday, maybe less than tomorrow. This is all I am. I cannot waste this day, wishing, I was more than I am or have more than I have. This is all I am today. I will work with what I have today and build on it, and be grateful for all my blessings. I am trying not to waste this day of my life before it is past. I have enough, I am enough. I have all I need today in this precious moment!

Mi Sun

Open your hands, and let it go, stop clenching your hands so tight.

Open your heart and release your fear.

I see in your face your fear and sorrow, clinching tighter and closing

your heart will only bring you more sorrows and heart aches.

Open your eyes and look around you, see all that beauty that surrounds you.

Open your heart and feel the love that I have given you.

I know it is not easy sometimes, But I am with you always if let me.

I will walk with you in your journey; I will surround you with my love, until all this has pass.

Mi Sun

Lord, I know better yet, my heart is heavy and I feel so weary.

Lift this heavy feeling and this sorrow from me.

I know in the end, this is not all that important, and this will pass, this shall pass.

But for now, I just want to rest my weary soul and tell my story to the one who loves me.

Sometimes it is so hard to live in this world, in this body, trying to navigate trough this life.

This is one of those days, Lord. Just hold me and let me rest my weary soul and recharge myself in

your loving arms, just for little while, until I can face all this again, just for little while.

Mi Sun