Club 100 needs your help to serve the families in most need

Please watch the video, and whatever you can contribute will be a big help to all the needy families that rely on the Food Pantry and Charity Club 100.

Helping the most vulnerable during COVID-19

I make care packages for the homeless in our community. I give these care packages to Harry Drier, who has become my dear friend and who runs a food pantry in Lake Park. In each bag, I place a $10 McDonald’s gift certificate, toiletry, a pair of socks, water, granola bars, and some candies on the holidays.

But the pandemic changed things…

When the restaurants closed, except for take-out, I wondered if the gift certificate still made sense. I had to make adjustments.

I began making lunch bags and dropping them off at Currie Park, but my family became concerned about my safety regarding the virus. So, I started bringing the food to St. Ann’s Place in West Palm Beach, where they serve two meals a day to over 100 people. I watched them cooking in the kitchen, carefully preparing the food like any restaurant would. I was impressed with the care they took.

Food should always be made with love, to nurture the recipient.

I headed to Costco, then brought cheese, turkey, and bread to St. Ann’s so they could make hot sandwiches for their clients. They also told me they love when people bring fresh fruit, because they try to give each person at least one piece of fruit a day. 

My husband Michael and I started bringing sandwiches and fruit to St. George’s Church in Riviera Beach, as well, which also serves the homeless.

What will happen to the needy families in our communities?

We are all concerned about the 300 or so families the food pantry was serving every month. If they needed help before the pandemic, what is their situation now? What will happen to the families who have lost their jobs? This is happening in communities all over our country.

I am afraid these needs will only continue to grow. The devastation from the virus will be related to more than just physical health. The families who have already been struggling will only see their challenges increase.

How can you help?

Consider how you might be able to help the more vulnerable citizens of your own community.

My amazing fellow Yogis have been pitching in with donations and volunteering so we can continue to help those among us who are in desperate need. 

We support the organizations that are trying to meet the needs of our community in these desperate times. Without the support of my friends, I would not be able to continue to do this community service. 

If you would like to contribute to this cause, please click this link to make your donations.

Thank you.

-Mi Sun.

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