Let All Things Flow Over You

I am trying to Stop the struggles in my mind, and in my heart, I realize the more I struggle, the more I suffer. The characters in my story change. The scenery changes but still I struggle with the same issues, over and over. I think it is different but it is actually the same story. I am older, and the problems are larger and more complex. There are larger consequences than when I was a child.

We carry our grievances and disappointments as if they were some kind of treasure, not willing to let go of them even when they are drowning us. Even when the end is near we still struggle to hang on to our pain and sorrows, refusing to let them go.

What if there is life after death? What if there is life after life? Coming back, doing the same thing over and over again? Expanding our karma again and again for lifetimes. Not realizing that if I want my life to be different, I have to live my life differently. I can not do the same thing over and over expecting different results. This is the insanity, We have all been living this way for a long, long time. All of us been perpetuating this, the same storyline for ages. It seems this is the story of the human condition.

Now I can see clearly the stories of our lives, the story of my life, our delusions, our confusion, and our insanity.

I will let go of these struggles and I will Battle no more.

What does love and forgiveness mean to you?

In this episode from my podcast “You’re still going to die” I invited my dear friend Agneta to talk about different kinds of love and our capacity to forgive others. I hope you enjoy it!

What is your relationship with truth?

I recently started my podcast: “You’re still going to die” where we talk about the best ways to navigate this life and many other spiritual topics, especially one that nobody wants to talk about and it’s the most inevitable thing in life: Death.

What for many may sound terrifying, once you embrace and understand the reality of death, it can be the most liberating experience.

In the first episode we asked the question “What is our relationship with truth?”, where my dear friend Richard and I talk about what does it really mean to seek the truth and how can truth be part of our daily life. I hope you enjoy it.