First Sound Healing Session of 2021

Happy 2021! 🥳 I am sure all of us are looking forward to getting back to a little more normal life, whatever that may be for each one of us, I hope it will be 🙏🏻

Today, I wanted you to know that we reactivated our monthly Sound Healing Sessions that take place every 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Sound Healing Sessions is a monthly Live Stream Session where I will be covering Tong Ren Tapping Therapy and Yoga Nidra Meditation to remove blockages and restore the body’s natural ability to heal. Along with a Sound Bath using instruments such as Singing bowls and gongs to create frequencies focused on reducing stress and anxiety.

To register for the session, simply click the yellow button ⬇️

The power of energy medicine is an amazing modality that people are discovering every day. Join us for this powerful healing session, to relax and reduce the anxiety and depression which is running rampant in our lives these days.

Don’t worry if you can’t attend the live session, we will upload the recording so you can watch it after making your donation. Also, don’t forget to sign-up for the newsletter to stay up to date about news and events.

And If you are concerned about the technical side of things, we’ll be providing online support during the session in case you have any difficulty. 🤗

I hope to see you there.

Mi Sun 🕉

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