Please, Wear The Mask!

We are in the midst of a most god-awful pandemic, and it’s getting worse.

I’m a mother and a grandmother. My son is an emergency room doctor in New Orleans and he has a six-year-old son. My grandchildren have not seen the outside world in about four months, because my daughter has worked really hard to keep this virus from spreading any further or getting infected.

And I’m really troubled by those people who feel that somehow your rights are being infringed upon by wearing a mask. If they don’t want to wear the mask, then don’t, but they shouldn’t be going out there making other people sick.

Because when you get sick and you show up in the emergency room, all these doctors and nurses are going to have to take care of you, and they afterward, are going to go home and possibly infect their family as well.

I don’t know how long this thing’s going to last, and it’s really scary economically and life-wise. How long do we want to keep this up?

So if anybody’s listening to this, please, wear the mask.

And please, share this, nobody wants to lose their loved ones, nobody wants the economy ruined, and nobody wants that your children cannot go out and play with their friends.

We’ve got to do all our part to make the difference.

Thank you.
-Mi Sun.

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